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Public speaking ranks higher than our fears of heights, being closed in small spaces, flying, getting shots and mice, to name a few.

I remember going to a group meeting for something and in the end they invited all the new people to stand up and tell something about themselves. I was sweating till it was my turn, then I Quickly stood up and said: “My name is Alan Barsky.” I may have also added “thank you for ….” mumbled something out, and then quickly sat down.  Then I thought about it, worried about it, for a while.

Just less than 30 seconds put me in a tumble. It held me back in my life in a number of ways.

I turned to hypnosis with a very qualified Hypnotherapist, and I learned a few things about myself and was able to practice with him, etc in a few sessions. And today, frankly, I am a very good public speaker, at speak at my conferences for my associations.

Now, you may be considering a wedding, or something local, or work situation, or something in your life to speak at. And you may be asking yourself how to deliver with confidence even if your hands are shaking.

Learn to stay calm under pressure.

In a state of hypnosis, our minds become much more receptive to new information. We listen to suggestion and we file them away in the subconscious – they’re much more likely to stick. As such, hypnosis and hypnotherapy are popular tools for helping people overcome their fear of public speaking, because it empowers them to remove those automatic thoughts. 

Speaking in public is a skill that anyone can learn.

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