Trichotillomania & More

Pulling your hairs out, picking at your skin

If you find yourself compulsively pulling out your hair or picking at your skin and can’t stop, you might become concerned.

But compulsive hair pulling or Trichotillomania, skin-picking and other similar behaviors are more common than you would think.

In fact, compulsive hair pulling is so common it is now often called a ‘disorder’ or even a disease!

Trying to stop obviously doesn’t work – you have tried that – but somehow, that hand always seems to make its way back again.

Even if you try, you just can’t seem to stop.

It’s the unconscious mind in control.

A Proven Method To Stop Trich et al.

Why Stopping Is Hard


The reason that stopping is hard is that you make that effort at a conscious level, whereas the problem is actually driven by the unconscious mind.

That’s also the reason why you can do it without being aware you’re doing it – the impulse is tucked away in your unconscious mind.

Because hair pulling makes you feel better in the short term (or at least it used to), your unconscious mind repeats the behavior in an effort to make you feel good.

Why Hypnotherapy
Can Help


What impulsive behavior doesn’t do is take into account possible long term effects like the fact that you feel guilty and annoyed at yourself after pulling your hair and all the other downsides.

Why can hypnotherapy for stopping hair pulling or skin picking be so effective? Because hypnosis works at the same level the problem occurs in: the unconscious mind.

“I feel exceptionally lucky to have been able to find Alan online. Alan is an expert in dealing with trichotillomania and is extremely well-read across various disciplines including hypnosis. His help has been instrumental in me dealing with this OCD-type habit and I am extremely grateful for his help.”

Jack Smith

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