What clients have said about Alan Barsky’s work:

“Alan is easy to talk to because he brings a high degree of commitment and professionalism.”

Errol Strider

Radio Commentator, Playwright and Educator

“A therapist you can trust.  Alan Barsky is a man you can FEEL SAFE with. Sharing all your innermost fears is not always easy, but with Alan, it is. He makes feeling better and stronger as a person, a process that is fun and safe. You have to call Alan Barsky!”

Danielle Aguilar

Hair Sylist/Colorist, San Rafael, CA

Alan is a competent, trusted, and effective hypnotherapist.”

Dr. Gerald S. Cohen

Menlo Park, CA

I feel exceptionally lucky to have been able to find Alan online. Alan is an expert in dealing with trichotillomania and is extremely well read across various disciplines including hypnosis. His help has been instrumental in me dealing with this OCD-type habit and I am extremely grateful for his help.

Jack Smith, Tech Luminary

San Francisco, CA

Speaking about help, I kept having “flashbacks” to our session. I could feel that burned back page mental debris was the excess weightiness I’ve been carrying around for about 48 years. Whenever thoughts of self-doubt crept in, I remember our session about my strengths …brilliant work.

Steve Bhaerman, Performer/Author

Santa Rosa, CA

Like you said, I simply ‘forget’  to bite my nails.

Carol Hotchkins, Business Consultant

San Francisco, CA

Alan is a wise soul who uses active listening to determine how to best work with a client. He customizes the message exactly to the client and provides clients with a CD/recording after each meeting so you can continue to build on the benefits of each session.

I have worked with him on several issues; as I strongly believe in the power of the mind, and the need to access that power at a subconscious level for best results.

Currently, I have worked with him on weight loss and found it easier to stick with the plan than with any previous diet. He has also helped my self-confidence and jaw clenching TMJ. High integrity. Great results.

Jeanette Vonier, Fine Arts Photographer

San Anselmo, CA

“Thanks to Alan, I am free of several gripping and life-threatening addictions, and I am now experiencing the sweetness of my life, expressing my love to others, and most importantly, loving myself .

I believe that Alan Barsky is a true healer and wise teacher. He guided me through a life-transforming series of hypnotherapy sessions that spiritually resurrected my self-image and instilled in me a new confidence and perspective on every aspect of my life. He put my train back on the track.”

Steve Wagner

Television Host/Producer, San Francisco

Alan is a good listener. Alan exudes confidence and is as down to earth as you can get. He listens and helps you harness the power of your subconscious mind to accomplish wonders: lose weight, work out unresolved issues or just to help you access and use the power of your subconscious mind to work for you.

I have known Alan in business group settings and in-person and found him to be pleasant, relaxed, and respected by all for his wit and ease of engagement. And he is very discreet

Lamine Elabed - President, Handyman Network

Novato, CA